About Us

Our President

" We will enhance and focus our energy and resources to levitate our businesses and services to next level so that we can lead our company into the future as an organization that is much stronger and better equipped to face future challenges. With the company''s multi-culturalism and professional dynamics diversity, together we strive and move forward to achieve goals and thus shaping our businesses in industry globally. We do this by inspiring vibrant ideas, pioneering partnership, nurturing potential and delivering excellence in what we do, simultaneously contribute the rewards towards the progress and well being of our company. Zamancartel has delivered a commendable performance throughout its services despite challenges posed by the unprecedented and prolonged Covid-19 pandemic. It has been challenging year for Zamancartel in 2020, but I am glad to report that we have devoted significant efforts during the year to strengthen, reposition and rejuvenate our businesses to grasp and seize the opportunities ahead of us. I am heartened to see the company achieved a noteworthy performance and profit from continuing operations during the year and in future " -- Dato' Badrulzaman Ismail