Welcome to Zaman Cartel


Inspired by a group of determined and innovative professional ZAMANCARTEL BHD involving itself in oil and gas development and new business ventures.

From such humble beginnings ZAMANCARTEL has rapidly evolved into a dynamic organization committed to excellence in all business activities.


We always aim to provide superb quality services at a competitive price. Therefore, we take pride in our work and operate under a stringent quality assurance system which will ensure that our project or services meet industry standards and client expectation and completed always within the stipulated time.


Throughout our subsidiary companies, we widen our activity on waste management ( schedule waste collection), marine services, mining, commodity trading which concentrate in import and export in connection with Asean countries Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Middle East countries Qatar and Kazakhstan. Furthermore, Zamancartel has taken a step ahead to engage in developing outsource investment.